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Flea Market Vendor

You have a lot of nice shoes here.

I have seen 6 or 7 other shoes places here and you have the
nicest or biggest selection.

I am doing a little survey here and would like to ask,"what makes

you different from the other shoes vendors?

What makes you stand out?

Owner====My shoes are cheaper or better quality.

Let me ask you a question-----if you would put a big sign up

and by the way, we will make the sign for you, we will do the graphics.

What would you do if the sign said, "Every person who spends $$$$$ on

shoes gets a 3 days / 2 nights hotel stay voucher at a 4 star hotel in over

50 destinations in the USA.  Like Las Vegas, Reno, Palm Springs, Orlando,

Ft Lauderdle, Myrtle Beach South Csorlina.  Just for buying shoes

Do you think you might sell more shoes then the other merchants?

I am so sure you will sell more shoes, nex Saturday I will give it to you for

Free to try it.  You will see how many more shoes you will sell.  You will sell more shoes with our program then you if did not use our program.

Get the FREE TRIAL and print out the vouchers. I go to ACE Hardware for

5 cents a copy in black and white.  If you want color they are 20 cents by

the thousand or go to  UPS postal store and for 15 cents make a 11 by 14 

sheet or a printer and for a few dollars make a 3 ft by 4 ft sign.

After the FREE TRIAL the license is $199 for the the year to print unlimited vacation vouchers.